Why use 3D skin imaging?

Imaging system 3D is a non-invasive diagnostic technique that allows medical management to be fine-tuned.

The images obtained provide both surface and volume measurements of the skin, which are then processed centrally and remotely by highly qualified technicians.

Whether you are an aesthetician, surgeon or dermatologist, 3D skin imaging will help you during your consultations, allowing you to better manage your patients’ expectations and also to reassure them.

These imaging techniques have already been successfully used to help diagnose and manage infectious diseases, cosmetic abnormalities, cancers and rare diseases.

They will help healthcare professionals to better communicate their professional expertise and establish open communication with their patients about future actions and patient expectations, while improving the transparency of medical follow-up. Offering patients a more realistic and accurate 3D vision of their anatomy will help to harmonise patient expectations and what is really possible.

The advantages of 3D skin imaging

Thanks to 3D skin imaging, the margin of error will be reduced compared to manual medical measurements. Patients will be reassured by the reliability of 3D technology, which will reduce their uncertainty and anxiety, and healthcare professionals will be able to further reduce the likelihood of misdiagnosis.

Not only does it reduce consultation time by automatically evaluating and quantifying measurements and skin volume, but in addition the computer system linked to the 3D equipment stores patient records and keeps an accurate history of physical alterations, reducing patient follow-up time.

Healthcare professionals will thus be able to guarantee their patients consultations that are not only faster but also of optimal quality.

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